Theano Papazoglou Margari on Civil Rights (1965)

Keywords: Greek Americans and the Civil Rights Movement; Greek Americans and Black Americans; Civic Identity; Women Public Intellectuals; Journalism; The Greek Star; Chicago, ILL.

Source: Θεανώ Παπάζογλου Μαργαρή. 1965. «Το Μεγάλο Πρόβλημα του Καιρού μας». Εθνικός Αστήρ – The Greek Star. Vol. LXII no.3081, April 3. pp. 1,3. [Από την σειρά χρονογραφημάτων της «Πενιές απ' τη Ζωή».]

Credits: Yiorgos Anagnostou. National Hellenic Museum, Chicago, Ill.

Acknowledgements: I thank Jeremy Bucher, Collections & Archives Manager at the National Hellenic Museum for greatly assisting in my research. The Modern Greek Studies Program at the Ohio State University provided funds for this research.