The American Jewish Committee

  • [White Ethnic Groups, 1989]
  • 12 Oct 2019 - Archive Building

The Illinois Ethnic Consultation

  • [Post-civil rights multiethnic Chicago]
  • 12 Oct 2019 - Archive Building

Buckeye Greek

  • [Popular Culture, Identity]
  • 30 May 2019 - Archive Building

Mickey the Greek

  • [Popular Culture, Identity]
  • 30 May 2019 - Archive Building

The Greeks of Berrien County Exhibit

  • [Museums]
  • 12 May 2019 - Archive Building

Institute of Pluralism and Group Identity

  • [Interethnic Solidarity]
  • 06 May 2019 - Archive Building


  • [Businesses and Greek Identity]
  • 02 May 2019 - Archive Building

Athena Parking. Georges Greek Grill

  • [Businesses and Greek Identity]
  • 16 Apr 2019 - Archive Building

The Ohio State University

  • [U.S. Modern Greek Programs]
  • 07 Apr 2019 - Archive Building

Parthenon Restaurant, Ann Arbor, MI

  • [Businesses and Greek Identity]
  • 15 Dec 2018 - Archive Building

Festival of Greek Music & Dance
Epirus – Crete – Smyrna to Piraeus

  • [Greek Music and Dance, World Music]
  • 14 Apr 2018 - Archive Building

AXION ESTI: A full length Dance / Drama

  • [The Arts]
  • 09 Apr 2018 - Archive Building


Yiorgos Anagnostou
Professor, The Ohio State University

Poetry Editor

Christopher Bakken
Allegheny College, Frederick F. Seely Professor of English

Book Review Editors

Frank Hess
Indiana University Bloomington, Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of the Modern Greek Program
Neovi Karakatsanis
Indiana University South Bend, Professor

Editorial Board

Maria Karametou
Associate Professor/Director of Drawing George Mason University
Vassilis Lambropoulos
C.P. Cavafy Professor of Modern Greek; Professor, Classical Studies and Comparative Literature University of Michigan
Lydia Papadimitriou
Profesor, Film Studies Liverpool John Moores University
Zeese Papanikolas
Writer. Author of Buried Unsung: Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre and other works.
Nikos Papastergiadis
Professor, Culture and Communication University of Melbourne
David Sutton
Professor, Anthropology Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
Anthony Julian Tamburri
Distinguished Professor of European Languages and Literatures Queens College, CUNY
Evangelia Tastsoglou
Professor, Sociology Saint Mary's University
Dimitris Tziovas
Professor, Modern Greek Studies University of Birmingham
Gonda Van Steen
Cassas Professor in Greek Studies University of Florida