Bibliography on Greek America (2022)

Bibliography on Greek Australia (2022)

Angeliki Tsiotinou

These bibliographies compile publications on Greek America and Greek Australia for 2022. They include academic work as well as popular writings from sources such as newspapers and online magazines, among others. Each bibliography covers work published in English and Greek and features selective entries about diaspora issues in general.

This corpus offers a resource for researchers working on ethnic and diasporic topics. It also stands to benefit those in the broader public who are interested in the historical and contemporary experiences of transnational Greek worlds. In addition to promoting the understanding of Greek America and Greek Australia, this corpus can create a forum for the exchange of knowledge between academics and communities. It can also initiate a dialogue between Greek-speaking and English-speaking audiences about diasporic experiences and cultural production, a conversation that is much needed in a world of transnational connectivity.

Angeliki Tsiotinou conducted her doctoral dissertation research in the United States as a Fulbright Scholar and is now completing her doctorate in Museology at the Aristotle University, in Greece. Her thesis discusses identity-making in museums of ethnic groups through a case study of Greek America. Angeliki also works as a consultant in various museum planning projects in Greece.

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