Community in Performance: Greek Folk Dancing and Cultural Production among Gen Z in California

Members of the Yperifaneia dance groups with their parish priest, Fr. Constantine Pappademos, and His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco at FDF 2018

The view from the judges’ table. As part of my research, I volunteered to be an official timer, keeping track of each group’s overall performance time. There are specific time limits for each performance and in order for a dance to be considered for scoring it must be at least 1 minute long. FDF 2014

Professional musicians practicing in the corridor before a performance. FDF 2014

Patriarch Bartholomew delivers live remarks during a Skype session at the opening ceremonies of FDF 2012

Dance group and FDF souvenir t-shirts are proudly worn at FDF but also throughout the year and signal both participation and inclusion in the FDF community. While many use Greek inspired designs such as the Greek key, dancers, or crosses others are riffs on popular culture, such as the Nike “Just Do It” slogan.

Vasili Karapanos, from Stockton’s AnaYennisi group, displays his individual award for instrumental performance (clarinet) and group awards for choral performance (second place) and Founder’s Award special achievement for dancing

Vasili Karapanos of AnaYennisi dance group of Stockton sings with well-known Greek musical group, Eptasimo. FDF 2016

Greek musical group, Eptasimo, performs with AnaYennisi of Stockton. FDF 2016