Dan Georgakas Αnti-junta Activism

"Melina Mercouri called for the protest march, and Demokratia was one of the groups that responded. Melina, Jules Dassin, and Spyro Mercouri in lead. I believe the man on the far right is Paul Nord. In second line is Peter Seeger who sang." December 20, 1967

"Note there was some resistance to the slogan Free All Political Prisoners as some anti-junta were anti-Communists and didn't want to be seen defending same. I was sarcastic in offering the slogans Free Some Political Prisoners or Free Political Prisoners We Agree With. Reason prevailed. Melina was solid. No major public debate emerge but noting this to show how diverse the movement was." (Dan Georgakas, personal communication)

Dan Georgakas speaking at rally before the UN. Melina Mercouri in background introduced all the speakers.

"The Melina Mercouri event already noted. Talking with reporter. Not sure who central figure is. Tall guy in white coat is Zach Kokkinos. He and his sister were in Demokratia. Dan Georgakas and Costas Stergiou lead the Demokratia group in the parade to the UN led by Melina Mercouri."