Tina Bucuvalas in Fieldwork Settings

Bucuvalas trying her hand at puppetry during an interview with Tasos Konstas about the work of Theatro Skion Tasou Konsta, Plaka, Athens, 2006.

At the Kafeneion ton Musikon Athens with Anna Lomax, Sam Chianis, and a couple of the greats of Greek traditional music 2014.

With Tarpon Springs sponger, 2016.

Fieldwork with paleros in Havana 1993. Tina Bucuvalas on the right. Photographer Michele Edelson on the left.

With Manoli Thambakakis, Symi.

Folklife curator at the Historical Museum of Southern Florida, Miami circa 1990. Interviewing a Fruit Vendor.


On sponge boat interviewing Captain Karistinos, 2012. Photo by Joann Biondi.
In all cases where there are no photo credits, either Tina Bucuvalas took the images or the photographer was unknown.